peRISKope is a front office system for the Athens Derivatives Exchange (ADEX). 

·         The solution that is suggested using peRISKope guarantees the autonomy of the dealing room users, and their independence from using other programs, spreadsheets and calculators, providing all those capabilities and much more in an integrated, compact, fast and safe program.

It addresses the needs of:

·         The Market user who analyses the published derivatives values and their components (interest rates, volatility, delta, gamma, etc) in order to decide which transaction and in which product will perform.

·         The Arbitrageur, giving them the option to search all the published values for arbitrage or quasi arbitrage, watching all the values (numbers or graphs) in a single screen.

·         The Fund manager, who can very easily calculate, among other, the risk index of their portfolio, and perform the appropriate transactions for making it delta, gamma, (etc) neutral.

·         The Risk manager, who has the option, at any time, to be informed about all the portfolio transactions (own and customers) as well as their risks.

Main Characteristics

PeRISKope is an application for valuing, real-time market watch and portfolio management for derivatives.

·         Real Time market watch.

·         Calculator for valuing products by using different models. Creating and valuing OTC products.

·         Values are analysed in their components (implied volatility, delta, gamma, vega etc)

·         Graphs that offer quickly a general picture of the whole market.

·         Market Scan for arbitrage and quasi arbitrage.

·         Portfolio management and combination of the positions derived from the Cash market and Derivatives.

·          Option for input of various values in the market for the what-if scenarios during the off-line operation.

·         Customers, transactions, and settlement prices databases.

·         Analytical reports for daily transactions, historical data.

·         Printing reports for the transactions generated during any day, product or customer.

·         Daily backup of the database.

·         Connection with the transactions system for real-time order entering and position-keeping for each investor.

·         What if Analysis


The flexible architecture of the system makes it capable for:

·         Connection with other programs for data transaction (for example Back-Office, General Logistics, Portfolio Management) in any platform they have been developed.

·         Data input-output for processing in other programs (for example Microsoft Excel).

·         Option for connection with various Information Providers.


PeRISKope can be installed on Microsoft Windows NT (Service Pack 4) or 95/98. It uses Micro­soft Access 2000 for its database.

Greek market

The application’s goal is to offer the possibility to the users to participate in the Greek Derivatives market, since it has taken into consideration its exact situation and needs. It should also be noticed the option for any adjustment, addition or update and alteration in any need that may occur in the Greek market.


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