Remote peRISKope

ELTRADE in its effort to continually upgrade peRISKope functions implemented a new system that will give members of ADEX the capability of providing REMOTE TRADING to their customers. This solution will use the already existing equipment of ADEX members and the connection with the remote members can be realised through the Internet, a leased line, a modem, etc. The system guarantees security for both the technical and the operational side. All these are implemented with a user-friendly interface.

Remote trading characteristics

Remote user

  • Real time market watch with all the analytics (greeks, implied volatilities, theoretical values)
  • Portfolio keeping, transaction log, real time mark to market, daily settlement, etc
  • Orderbook Keeping, order history.
  • Keep a number of customers in the same workstation and reporting for each one of them separately and as a sum
  • Order check (margin requirement, number of contracts, price deviation)
  • Daily audit trail with all dealers' actions
  • Communication with the server (chat window)
  • Calculators
  • Historical Data
  • Reports

Adex Member

  • Member Authentication
  • List of the users that are online
  • Disconnect or disable users at any time
  • Limitations that can be addressed to different users:
  • Orders can be routed through the members' orderbook and activated manually by a dealer
  • Real Time Margin Check
  • Limited number of contracts per order
  • Limited possible difference between the market price and the order price
  • Message broadcasting (text) in all or specific remote clients
  • Audit of remote clients' actions (separately)


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